• 2017 Trapper 700 T1 UTV EFI Traktori

    $7,746 - Heinola, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Trapper

    only westmac at this price! the final exported at this price! full warranty 2 years / 5000 km is well suited for use on the road over 15-year-old gets to drive t-card, and the card only costs ab...

  • Trapper Traktorimönkijä 500 UTV T1 EFI

    $6,789 - Viitasaari, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Trapper

    the correct in good condition tractor atv, had esittelykoneena. registered for two, not drive t-card.

  • 2017 Trapper UTV 800 V2 lämpöohjaamolla

    $13,777 - Heinola, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Trapper

    trapper 800 v2 tractor utv atv lämpöohjaamolla lämpöohjaamossa fan heater, windshield wiper standard in addition to a draw hook and winch stunning voiced v2 injected the speed limited electroni...

  • 2002 Volvo FL 6 180 perälauta automaatti

    $16,916 - Heinola, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Volvo

    top clean and orginal 136.000 km as the new paper disc recorder the paper disc with a recorder top neat and allison perpetual motion machine equipped with an automatic volvo fl 180 good tires, an...

  • 2016 Günstig 912 UUSIA Heinolassa

    $16,876 - Heinola, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Günstig

    now, affordable and high-quality low-loader in a wide range of accessories best quality / price ratio now the price of a used loader new, esittelykone heinola very well suited for farms and taloh...

  • 2017 Boro 3-kaatokippi

    $4,730 - Heinola, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Boro

    3-kiper 2700 network put suitable also for professional use! sähkökippi pallet length 3m pallet width 1,8m curb weight 800kg the load weight 1900kg total weight: 2700 kg knottn shafts and t...

  • 2017 Boro ATLAS KB 4x2 3500

    $3,468 - Heinola, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Atlas-Copco

    the popular atlas lower model our customers' request new model with a lower loading height, and lower fenders. ajorampit plate under the flap. suitable also for professional use! now limited ed...

  • 2017 Boro MInikopark B3032HTP 3000kg

    $3,341 - Heinola, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Boro

    small machinery transport trailer finland best suited for professional use in small machinery transport trailers directly from the importer. payload 2300kg platform size: 305 x 195 side height:...

  • 2017 Boro ATLAS 8x2 2700kg

    $4,910 - Heinola, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Atlas-Copco

    8 meter boro atlas also for professional use! boro trailers atlas 8x2 the total mass of 2700kg platform size 8.0 m × 2.0 m payload 1700 kg hot-dip galvanized frame spare wheel and rack + 100...

  • 2017 Boro 3-kaatokippi 2700kg

    $3,438 - Heinola, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Boro

    boro kiper-3 suitable also for professional use! hydraulic käsikippi pallet length 3m pallet width 1,8m curb weight 800kg the load weight 1900kg total weight: 2700 kg knottn shafts and the ...