• Life Technologies Inc. Mini-V 8-10 Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System

        life technologies mini-v 8-10 vertical gel electrophoresis system

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        East Lyme, CT, USA
      • Dynex Technologies UltraWash Plus Microplate Washer

            the dynex technologies ultrawash plus microplate washer is intuitive and easy to operate. an automated 96-well, single-buffer microplate washer that completes an entire plate wash in as few as 13 seconds! handles...

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            East Lyme, CT, USA
          • Agilent Technologies G3272A 7500CE ICP-MS

            • Manufacturer: Agilent

              the agilent technologies 7500ce (g3272a) icp-ms uses a simultaneous, dual-mode discrete dynode detector with nine orders of linear dynamic range. the interface of this sample introduction system is designed to ha...

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              East Lyme, CT, USA
            • GL & V/ CELLECO TWISTER CLEANERS BANK OF 38 (MFG 2006)

                  one (1) bank of approx. (36) gl & v/ celleco clp l2 twister hydrocyclone cleaners mfg. 2006. (24) primary cleaners, (6) secondary cleaners, (2) tertiary cleaners and (1) quadriinary cleaner. the celleco twister®...

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                  Chalfont, PA, USA
                • Perkin Elmer Victor3 V 1420-041 Multilabel Plate Reader

                  • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

                    the perkin elmer victor3 v 1420-041 multilabel plate reader is a bench top reader designed to be flexible and easy to use. this fully loaded victor3 v ensures the best sensitivity and working range of technologie...

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                    East Lyme, CT, USA
                  • Puhl V-CAD Air Separator / Classifier

                    • Manufacturer: Puhl

                      used puhl v-cad 5 air separation / classifier system with approx 25' h bucket elevator with 15" w plastic bucket, air flow dampening separation technology classifing system including rotary valves, cyclone collec...

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                      Cleveland, OH, USA
                    • SSE Technologies 115V M3 Power Supply ~V 310-038336-120B

                      • Manufacturer: SSE Technologies

                        sse technologies 310-038336-120b 115v power supply

                        Ventura, CA, USA
                      • Adept Technology MV-8 30330-12000 Robot Control Unit

                        • Manufacturer: Adept Technology

                          adept mv-8 (30330-12000) rack 8 slot model mv-8. clean item adept technology mv-8 robot controller chassis power supply+030/sio modules for use with adept pa-4 and adeptone/adeptthree robot voltage: - 100-120 v |...

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                          Stevensville, MI, USA
                        • Agilent/Keysight V8486A IN STOCK, V -

                          • Manufacturer: Agilent

                            agilent/keysight v8486a in stock, v - band power sensor, 50 to 75 ghz, -30 to +20dbm the 8480 series sensors provide extraordinary accuracy, stability, and swr over a wide range of frequencies (100 khz to 110 ghz...

                            United States
                          • International Decontamination Tech Accu V 400 #11902

                            • Manufacturer: International

                              contamination collector/filter by international decontamination technologies, model accu-v-400, serial # n/a. designed for collection of contaniments into filter unit, 1/4 hp variable speed internal fan vacuum ga...

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                              Marlboro Township, NJ, USA