• 2016 Karl Kuhne Lederbandage Friction belt for Screw presses GmbH & Co. KG

    No price - Lüdenscheid, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Karl Kuhne GmbH & Co KG

    leather friction belt, produces custom-made optionally reinforced with glue and nylon for the following presses berrenberg, beche, bothe, dellavia, edelhoff, ficep, ftb, hasenclever, hilu lasco, os...

  • 1978 Vaccari NO` 5

    No price - Israel
    • Manufacturer: Vaccari
    • Capacity: 100 t

    capacity: 100 t | division: metal forming | cnc brand: no cnc | capacity (t): 100

  • 2016 BELTech Bandage fuer Spindelpresse Friction belt for screw press GmbH / Hersteller

    No price - Lüdenscheid, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BELTech GmbH / Hersteller

    conic friction belts for screw press direct from manufacturer we produce friction belts regarding to your sizes for any type of screw press (e. g. sms hasenclever, eumuco, berrenberg, osterwalder, ...