• Vakona ESK 125 Mixers and vacuum

    No price - Koblenz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Vakona

    mixers and vacuum mixers vakona esk 125 used machine vakona esk 125 tumbler, vacuum mixing and tumbling machine, the machine comes with tumbling arm and mixing arm, container size 125 liters, mc co...

  • 2005 Vakona ESK150 STL Tumbler

    $10,671 - Pleinfeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Vakona

    tumbler vakona esk150 stl used machine kühltumbler vakona esk150 stl built in 2005, connection 400v, 2kw with vacuum pump, cooling, continuous mixing arm speed 1-24u/min, program control mint cond...

  • Kilia, Vemag, Seydelmann Stiller, Vakona, Maja Meat processing equipment

    No price - Koblenz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kilia, Vemag, Seydelmann

    meat processing equipment kilia, vemag, seydelmann stiller, vakona, maja used machine meat processing equipment from a modern german butcher's shop for sale. the equipment consists of: • seydelmann...

  • 2006 Maja RVE 3000 Ice machines

    $16,288 - Niedźwiedź, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Maja

    ice machines maja rve 3000 used machine ice machine maja capacity: 3000 kg / 24 h complete with silo and cool aggregate, year of production: 2006 workshop tested / in very good condition (from germ...

  • Handtmann VF200 Filling and vacuum machines

    $18,871 - Niedźwiedź, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Handtmann

    filling and vacuum filling machines handtmann vf200 used machine handtmann vf 200 with linker, in very good condition we have many other meat processing machinery: laska, rühle, kramer & grebe,...

  • Laska KU330 Cutters and vacuum

    $52,233 - Niedźwiedź, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Laska

    cutters and vacuum cutters laska ku330 used machine laska ku 330 145 kw as back from the customer in working condition we have many other meat processing machinery: laska, rühle, kramer&grebe, hand...