• 1997 Schiele Vakumat Painting lines

    $19,051 - Schrems, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Schiele

    painting lines schiele vakumat used machine vacuum surface coating system for planed timber system schiele-vakumat master for all water-soluble stains and coatings pump circulation, no fog, no mate...

  • Vakuumat 6500 l

    $6,139 - Westendorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Vakuumat

    compressor unit with three-way valve vacuum container vakumat 6500 l vacuum containers, laterally with tandemfahrwerk, compressed air system, suction ports 2, rear 2 ports, with suction hose, manif...

  • 1993 NIKO volume filler

    No price - Gemeindeverwaltungsverband „Raum Weinsberg“, Germany
    • Manufacturer: NIKO

    volume filler niko used machine niko volume filler vf21, 21 filling stations in the runout, to fill chunky products, from 1993, such as vegetables, legumes, pasta, meat etc. electrical height adjus...