• 2015 Sonstige Valentini Ercules 7700

    $51,718 - Europe
    • Manufacturer: VAT

    width: 770 | price details: incl. 20 % vat

  • 2015 Valentini Caiman 5700

    No price - North Holland, Netherlands Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Valentini

    very neat and nearly new valentini overtop cutter, with cage roller and hydraulic. depth control. hyd. fold.

  • 2013 Valentini MZ 6000

    No price - Coppenbrügge, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Valentini

    6m working width, obenanhängung down with ball head, 8 wheel chassis with walking axis, grass and corn knives, bedknife front stray sheets, pto m fine teeth, wear plates to protect against stones l...

  • 2007 Valentini Europal 8

    No price - Coppenbrügge, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Valentini

    5 schar volldrehpflug, striatum, skimmers, double disc coulter smooth, multistützrad, furrow hydrl. memory cylinder, doppelpacker suitable available at extra cost condition 90% ca 350 ha used locat...

  • 2013 Valentini Herkules 5700

    No price - Coppenbrügge, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Herkules

    6m, hydraulic folding, single-stage drive, rotor m curved oscillating tines, central drive shaft fix, hydr.hochschwenkeinrichtung, transport lock, idler rolls adjustable via hand crank, central spu...

  • 2008 Valentini NGS 601/F35

    No price - Coppenbrügge, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Valentini

    6 m working width, 450 with packer roller with pto completely, rear pto tines approximately 40%, hydr. adjustable hydrl. depth adjustment sale price 19750.00 euro plus 19% vat

  • Valentini Strettoio

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Valentini

    presses for valentini vertical drawers standards we used

  • 2004 Valentini KG Super / AD-P Profi

    No price - Coppenbrügge, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Valentini

    kg rotary 303, kw wedge ring roller 580, ad-p 302 profi 24 ro tec schare, hydrl coulter pressure adjustment, ladesteg, exaktstriegel, flow mark, lighting, 2000 ltr tank with tarpaulin, asking price...

  • 2013 Valentini BI-FX T23 R32

    No price - Coppenbrügge, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Valentini

    ackerlandinjektor freiberger xl with vogelsang slurry spreader rohrstabwalze with a diameter of 62cm contractors machine, extra wide, with machinery resilient or solid tines, working width up to 8,...

  • 2015 Divers Valentini Ercules 7700 Soil tools (wine)

    $43,461 - Ziersdorf, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Divers

    subcategory 2: soil tools (wine)