• Kieselgurfilter Velo 0609

        kieselgurfilter velo type: superfiltro autopulente "brevettato" with 10qm filtrationspace machinne number: 0036a5

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        Burgwald, Germany
      • 1997 Velo VELO HL 30

        • Manufacturer: VAT

          description • pneumatic grape press • year of construction 1997 • full flow control • central filling • compressor for compressed air supply • pneumatic press basket opening over customer's compressor descriptio...

        • 2004 Velo 6+6 2011

          • Manufacturer: Velo

            documents: type plate

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            Heidenheim, Germany
          • 2007 Velo Filtre à terre à plateaux horizontaux 200 HL/heure moût vin Fermenting cellar equipment

            • Manufacturer: Velo

              velo year: 2007 technical specifications: - type: fof 20 - serial number: v voltage: 380/3/50 hz - connections: 80 mm - max pressure: 7,5 - installed power : 22.5 kw - adjustable removable feet - estimated flow (...

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            • Stockbreeding equipment - : KIT VELOS DETECTION DE CHALEURS VACHES

              • Manufacturer: KIT VELOS DETECTION DE CHALEURS VACHES

                nedap bicycle cylinder clear heat detection cows composed of:> 1 transmitter box> 1 receiver box> 1 uhf antenna> 1 software license> 30 pedometers with straps material nine the price excludes vat, it does not inc...

                Coulonges-sur-l'Autize, France
              • Thermo Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) for LTQ Series Mass Specs

                • Manufacturer: Thermo scientific

                  includes: thermo electron transfer dissociation (etd) ltq xl ltq velos ltq velos pro additional xcalibur software not required ninety (90) day warranty options: installation & familliarization extended warranty t...

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                  Arcade, NY, USA
                • Filter, Pressure Leaf, 7.5 Sq m, Velo, DE Filter,

                      velo 7.5 meter vertical leaf velo de filter, up gradable to 10 meter. we have maintenance, cip, and operating sops, almost a complete set of spare gaskets, all original manuals. the electric motor had new bearing...

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                      Brisbane, CA, USA
                    • BIKE FILTER IN KISELGHUR

                      • Manufacturer: VELO
                        Beaune, France
                      • Filter, Pressure Leaf, 1 Sq m, Velo, DE filter,

                            velo de filter, approximately 1 square meter surface area, includes vertical tank with (16) horizontal leaves, stainless steel construction. good condition.

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                            Brisbane, CA, USA
                          • Filter, Pressure Leaf, 20 Sq m, Velo, Mdl FV20VA

                                velo acciai de filter, model number fv20va. unit has a filter area of 20 square meters with stainless steel contacts. includes vertical stainless steel mesh screens. previously used in brewery operation. new in 2...

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                                Brisbane, CA, USA