• Sabo verschiedene

    No price - Europe
    • Manufacturer: Sabo
  • Aufspannwinkel verschiedene

    No price - Staufenberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Aufspannwinkel

    casting angle plates dimensions 1460 x 500 x 650 mm with 9 horizontal t-grooves 38/22 mm used: eur 1.450, - ----- casting angle plates dimensions 1200 x 1000 x 600 mm with with vertical longitudina...

  • verschiedene verschiedene flat knitting, winding and linking mach

    No price - Zell, Germany
    • Manufacturer: verschiedene

    at low prices used 8 flat knitting, 1 winding and 1 linking machines in aachen offered for sale the machines are already older models, but can work in part after checking yet. spare parts can be su...

  • Verschiedene CIP-16-RITHA

    No price - Neunburg vorm Wald, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Verschiedene

    the unit is made from: 4 tanks á 1.000 l + exterior heat exchanger + piping works + pump more details on request

  • 2014 verschiedene TC Tankcontaner

    No price - Sanitz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: verschiedene

    20/30/swap-body tank containers, imo 0/1/2 /, v2 a/v4 a stainless steel cylinder for transport or storage execution l xb244xh259cm stainless steel pressure cylinder 3.18 mm, top lid, bottom dischar...

  • verschiedene Fraeser milling cutter

    No price - Achern, Germany
    • Manufacturer: verschiedene

    milling cutter iac7zw38w9e condition info: used machine ready for operation

  • Verschiedene Armaturen-14-GTH

    No price - Neunburg vorm Wald, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Verschiedene

    various reducing fittings, stop clocks, valves, sight glasses etc. from dn 15 up to dn 65 with new sealings further infos on request

  • Bosch verschiedene Output Cards

    No price - Rosenfeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bosch

    all cards arе in stock and therefore available: t. 1, st. t. pc, 1 pc t the advertisement was translated automatically and some translation errors may have occurred exdcpwyezpj

  • 1980 Verschiedene ABF-16-SWBRKOE

    No price - Neunburg vorm Wald, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Verschiedene

    filling product not carbonated beverages bottles 0.02 + 0,04 + 0,10 + 0,20 + 0,35 + 0,50 + 0,75 + 1,00 litre caps: pp18 + pp22+ pp28+ pp31,5mm + gd 28mm screw cap the line is made from: manual unpa...

  • 2000 Meyer-verschiedene Beams-Plates

    No price - Zell, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Meyer

    for immediate sale and take-over we offer you second-hand beams-plates in different sizes of wood and aluminium. the plates are in a good condition and can be inspected before take-over. location n...