accessories: tilting foot lava device, | max. load capacity: 25000000 cm3

        Ilmajoki, Finland
      • Kipa 160 / Savunen 226HL

        • Manufacturer: Kipa

          accessories: fine viljakärry. kipa 160 vessels and savusen 226hl lava. the hydraulic transom,

          Ilmajoki, Finland
        • Tempo viljakärry

          • Manufacturer: Tempo

            siistikuntoinen tempo's automatic tailgate to knock the carpet and "better" telillä

            Seinäjoki, Finland
          • Kipa 120 viljakärry

            • Manufacturer: Kipa

              fully intact kipa 120 cereal trailer. volume 14.70 m3 based opportunities additional podium volume of 20 m3. the booster includes pressutukikaaret as well as a crank tarp. nokian 500 / 50r17 tires.

              Nivala, Finland
            • 2017 ERT VILJAKÄRRY 23 m3

              • Manufacturer: ERT

                viljakärry 23 m3 6,5x2,55x1,5 lava, 3/4 mm, rear widening capacity 18 t pole 100 mm, 10-bolt frame: 250x150x8 tires: 710 / 45x22,5, or optional aisajousi: rubber tippers; 2xnas 7 optional veivipressu four-wheel b...

                Somero, Finland
              • 2016 Scania Iso viljäkärry 3-aks

                • Manufacturer: Scania

                  a large tractor with a cereal truck underneath. hydraulic brake axle rise with hydraulics in-car wagon made from scania platform.

                  Vantaa, Finland
                • 2014 Viljakärry 23m3

                  • Manufacturer: Capacity

                    the new wagon will be worth a drive for grain, a lot of new parts from volvo, for example. drips, hydraulics, lights, presses and the like, manufactured by mty isotalo & valikangas, kanunki (with years of experi...

                    Salo, Finland
                  • 2017 Grain Cart Sisu 21m3

                    • Manufacturer: Sisu
                      Salo, Finland
                    • Omavalmiste Grain Cart 250hl

                          united viljakärry. the volume of 25m3

                          Vantaa, Finland
                        • Velsa 85

                          • Manufacturer: Velsa

                            velsa 85 orginelli viljakärry. driven course, more than just a grain

                            Kauhava, Finland