• 2001 Kuhn VKM280 Horizontal axis shredder

    • Manufacturer: Kuhn
    • Model: VKM280

      crusher in working condition - sold in the state - taken on the spot

      $2,865 (USD)
      Cranves-Sales, France
    • 2017 DPM Kellfri Mulcher Zapfwelle incl. VKM200 2m,VKM250 2,5m und VKM280 2,8m

      • Manufacturer: DPM Kellfri Mulcher Zapfwelle incl

        kellfri mulcher 2m vkm200 y cutting knife: 64pcs. weight: 560kg hydraulic side adjustment tires: 6.00-9 minimum power: 40-50ps vkm250 2699 euro net working width: 2.5m weight: 592kg hydraulic side adjust...

        $2,877 (USD)
        Görlitz, Germany
      • 2010 Kuhn VKM280

        • Manufacturer: Kuhn
        • Model: VKM280

          design: flails | weight: 850 kg | working width: 2.80 m | tractor mounted: 3-point-linkage

          $2,843 (USD)
          Geestland, Germany

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