• V.741.762.430 VLM corrosion test chamber

    $16,837 - Borken, Germany Recently Added

      vlm climate corrosion testing chamber here we offer you a climate corrosive test chamber of the company vlm type: v.741.762.430 the chamber is about 4 years old and has few operating hours as a...

    • Scania R 164 L -580 PK V8 Closed box

      No price - Finsterwolde, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Scania

      scania r 164 l 580 hp v8 opticruise romdom luchtgeveerd trailer coupling vbg automatic. large tank air conditioning, heater mode, cruise control, dbbelglas, electric windows, axle load meter, s...

    • 2014 Rofin Powerline E20 Workstation Laser Marker YAG laser engraving

      $25,274 - Ludwigsburg, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Rofin Powerline E20

      rofin sinar laser marker powerline e20 looks like new! laser medium: nd: yag, yvo4 wavelength: 1064 nm pulsfreuqünz: 0 200 khz, and cw power class: 20w field size lettering field size: 120mm x 120...