• 2001 Volmering Beregnungs Aggregat Dieseselmotor Pumpe

    $9,648 - Bocholt, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Volmering Beregnungs Aggregat

    volmering irrigation unit with 6-cylinder perkins engine 1000 liter tank capacity max. 156m³ / h landini pump also good 80m³ / h at 12bar with engine monitoring (diesel monitor), installation bloc...

  • Volmering Dieselaggregat Pumpe

    $8,414 - Bocholt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Volmering

    deutz dieselmotorpumpe with deutz f3l912 for irrigation machine with 82 hose.in addition, for an additional charge also with generator for 5.5 kw underwater liferarible.

  • 1997 Volmering Volmering Turbo 90/400

    $9,221 - Gescher, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Volmering

    we offer an irrigation - with a 400 mtr hose and a ball-bearing rotary ring, comet-jet streamer, hydr. tripod lift; control - irrimatic; 2-track tricycle - sprinkler; eddy current tachometer, ...

  • 2016 Volmering Hufbeschlag Stand

    No price - Bocholt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Volmering

    new hufbeschlag booth "bonzo big" by volmering thanks to the experience of several generations and the production of thousands of animal care stands, the new and unique hoof fittings have now been...

  • 2017 Volmering Wassersparschaltung

    No price - Bocholt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Volmering

    volmering water saver for forost protection 60 / 120m³ / h fully usable with 12v power supply via autobattery.

  • 2016 Volmering TRG-W

    No price - Vohburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Volmering

    volmer güllescheibenegge for professional use. slurry application bottom close behind the first slice (into the furrow). kulap promotion recognized. kaweco 24 compartment high-performance distribu...

  • 2016 Volmering Berg-Wiesenwalze

    $4,581 - Bocholt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Volmering

    wiesenwalze second section 1,22x3,00 mtr. working width, rounded roller edges, wiper, hydr. brake, various paint damage. location oberbayern.

  • 2017 Volmering Erdbohrer für Euroaufnahme

    No price - Bocholt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Volmering

    earth drill for euro recording with hydraulic control unit drive can be operated with a normal control unit, flush-mounted 300mmø ca.1mtr. drill body, side shift, changeable direction of rotati...

  • 2017 Volmering Tiefbrunnen-Aggregat

    $39,267 - Bocholt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Volmering

    volmering deep-well combi-harness aggregate fully self-sufficient at 50m water level 80m³ / h 11,5bar pump pressure 600liter tank frame, diesel guard, hydr. winch winch of tractor hydraulics gener...

  • 2017 Volmering Durchtreibe-Klauenpflegestand

    $3,189 - Bocholt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Volmering

    volmering-by-driving hoof trimming chute professional premium equipment folding rod with center fixation, deflection yoke, 2 front legs, transport wheels with back crutches, 5 m. connecting c...