• Lockformer Vulcan 1800

    No price - Charlotte Hall, MD, USA
    • Manufacturer: Lockformer
  • Lot 1022: Lockformer Vulcan Plasma Cutting Table

    No price - Charlotte Hall, MD, USA
    • Manufacturer: Lockformer

    lockformer vulcan model 3100d complete plasma cutting system. comes with hypertherm powermax 45 plasma unit trimble / vulcan hvac cutting software new ppi profab magnetic torch lifter please note: ...

  • Vulcan® Batch Incinerator

    $38,500 - Moberly, MO, USA

      vulcan® batch incinerator - cast refractory lined incinerator rated to destroy approximately 385 lb. of solid waste per batch in a 2 (two) chamber incinerator. the primary chamber has a volume of 5...

    • Vulcan® Portable Control Room

      $49,000 - Moberly, MO, USA

        vulcan® portable control room - includes controls panels, desk, and electrical service panel. sits on a single axle trailer with dual 10.00-20 tires. manual landing jacks. air bag suspensions. air ...

      • Vulcan® 3620 Rotary Dryer

        $299,500 - Moberly, MO, USA

          vulcan® 3620 rotary dryer - 36" diameter x 20' long parallel flow rotary dryer. dryer chain and sprocket drive powered by a 5 hp electric motor. final drive speed of 5 rpm. features include grooved...

        • Vulcan® 1300 CFM Baghouse

          $14,800 - Moberly, MO, USA

            vulcan® 1300 cfm baghouse - 32 bags that are 10' long x 5" diameter. 3 to 1 air to cloth ratio. good condition. materials that can be processed large variety of airborne particulates process air po...

          • Vulcan® 30,000 CFM Baghouse

            $58,000 - Moberly, MO, USA

              vulcan® 30,000 cfm baghouse - the 30,000 cfm pulse jet baghouse captures dust particles on 400 fabric filters, estimated at 6" diameter by 10' long bags for a total of 6,400 sq. ft. of cloth. the h...

            • VULCAN 3″ X 12″ BELT 14886

              No price - Elk Grove Village, IL, USA

                vulcan puller, 3″ wide x 12″ belt, pneumatic nip, e-stop, red lion feet per minute digital readout, very good condition

              • Vulcan® 1712 Indirect Rotary Kiln

                $194,500 - Moberly, MO, USA

                  vulcan® 1712 indirect rotary kiln - 17" inside diameter (1" thick drum) x 12' length (heated zone) inconel incinerator (16' total length). indirect fired by 13 north american pre-mix burners. gas, ...

                • Vulcan® Portable Fluidized Bed Calciner

                  $875,000 - Moberly, MO, USA

                    vulcan® portable fluidized bed calciner - fully mobile calciner that can be used for a wide variety of thermal desorption, calcining, pyrolysis or incineration applications. the primary unit operat...