• Canali not Stenner, WACO, Weinig or Grecon Resaw

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Weinig

    wide band resaw, 37kw, very suitable for splitting of wide glulam panels, automatic centreing, being sold with option of automatic infeed and outfeed conveyors. 20 stellite tipped sawblades include...

  • 2001 Pinomatic 2404 not Grecon Weinig Waco Stenner Vacuum stacker

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Weinig

    more info later qteofxzct machine type: vacuum stacker

  • 2000 Grama UK 7 Moulder for splitting

    No price - Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Grama

    grama moulder in very good condition. ready to run. 7 spindle, 45mm spindle, tooling and splitting saws and spacers included. fully working condition. heavy duty lamella moulder. ex large multi nat...

  • 2000 Viet 200 ILF + 200 SUP Wide belt sander

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: VIET

    viet 2 bottom and 2 top sanding line. motor size 2 x 45 kw and 2 x 30 kw. sanding machines viet (bottom and top) •year 1994 8x9pwx •2+2 rollers •belt width 1350 mm, length 2620 mm •infeed 5 – 24 m/...

  • 2006 Har-ko (Finland) Automatic moulder Infeed

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Har-ko (Finland)

    fully automatic moulder infeed for lengths 800–3100 mm. pack infeed. vacuum lifter. stick remover. cross chain infeed. singulator. ct8oew9g automatic board turner. infeed accelerator. very comp...