• Wavetek 81

    $1,895 - Los Angeles, CA
    • Manufacturer: Wavetek

    you are bidding on a wavetek 81 50 mhz pulse / function generator. features: powerful performance, affordably priced. triggered, gated, and burst modes / am, fm, vco, and phaselock/ offset contr...

  • Wavetek FiberKit+

    $4,000 - Broomfield, CO Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Wavetek

    fk+fm+st, fs+1310l-st, fs+1550l, fs+850-1300-st modules

  • Wavetek LT-8600T

    $4,032 - Broomfield, CO
    • Manufacturer: Wavetek


  • Refurbished Wavetek 166

    No price - Lake Mary, FL

      wavetek 166 details wavetek 166the 166 pulse/function generator combines the features of a function generator, a sweep generator and a pulse generator in one package covering the range from 0....

    • Refurbished Wavetek 2410R

      No price - Lake Mary, FL

        wavetek 2410r details wavetek 2410rthe 2410r rf signal generator is a ruggedized version of the 2410. it is a dual microprocessor controlled, single-loop synthesized signal generator that cove...

      • Refurbished Wavetek 1175

        No price - Lake Mary, FL

          wavetek 1175 details wavetek 1175rf scaler analyzer the wavetek benchmark 1175 bench sweep system (scaler analyzer) provides highly accurate swept response measurements of transmission loss,r...

        • Refurbished Wavetek SAM1500

          No price - Lake Mary, FL

            wavetek sam1500 details wavetek sam1500signal analysis meter

          • Refurbished Wavetek 1855B

            No price - Lake Mary, FL

              wavetek 1855b details wavetek 1855bsweep transmitter wavetek 1855b datasheet & specifications

            • Refurbished Wavetek 1001A

              No price - Lake Mary, FL

                wavetek 1001a details wavetek 1001athe 1001a sweep generator covers from 0.5 to 300mhz. sweep width from 200khz to 300mhz. maximum output of +13 dbm. harmonics of 30 db below output; spurious ...

              • Refurbished Wavetek 1081

                No price - Lake Mary, FL

                  wavetek 1081 details wavetek 1081 signal sweep generator 1 to 1000 mhz the wavetek 1081 sweep generator is a compact and economical instrument featuring simple operation with 1% display linea...