• 2001 Vacuum stacker

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Pinomatic 2404 not Grecon Weinig Waco Stenner

    more info later qteofxzct

  • Resaw

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Canali not Stenner, WACO, Weinig or Grecon

    ufvuuke39wide band resaw, 37kw, very suitable for splitting of wide glulam panels, automatic centreing, being sold with option of automatic infeed and outfeed conveyors. 20 stellite tipped sawblade...

  • 2000 Grama UK 7

    No price - Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Grama

    grama moulder in very good condition. ready to run. 7 spindle, 45mm spindle, tooling and splitting saws and spacers included. fully working condition. heavy duty lamella moulder. ex large multi nat...

  • 2000 Viet 200 ILF + 200 SUP

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: VIET

    viet 2 bottom and 2 top sanding line. motor size 2 x 45 kw and 2 x 30 kw. sanding machines viet (bottom and top) 8x9pwx •year 1994 •2+2 rollers •belt width 1350 mm, length 2620 mm •infeed 5 – 24 m/...

  • 2006 Automatic moulder Infeed

    No price - Kehra, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Har-ko (Finland)

    fully automatic moulder infeed for lengths 800–3100 mm. pack infeed. vacuum lifter. stick remover. cross chain infeed. singulator. ct8oew9g automatic board turner. infeed accelerator. very compact...