• 2016 Weremczuk ROCH

    No price - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Weremczuk

    cutting out side shoots is also one of the necessary procedures on currant plantations. this has a significant impact on the rejuvenation of a plantation and allows to remove broken and sick shoots...

  • 2016 Weremczuk SAMSON ROOT SHREDER

    No price - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Samson

    precision and efficiency in slashing and shredding the old roots of currants, aronia and raspberries and mixing them with soil. before using roots shredder destroy ground-part of old bush plantatio...

  • 2016 WEREMCZUK AUR4 bed former

    $17,335 - Niedrzwica Duża, Poland
    • Manufacturer: WEREMCZUK

    growing vegetables requires a careful and thorough soil cultivation. it is essential for a good quality of harvested vegetables and an abundant crop. there are three main methods of growing carrots...

  • 2016 WEREMCZUK PATRYK-2 transplanter

    $8,905 - Niedrzwica Duża, Poland
    • Manufacturer: WEREMCZUK

    patryk-2 transplanter is a modern high-quality machine designed for planting vegetables, strawberries, tabaco and flowers from multiplates (seedling pallets). solid construction guarantees perfect ...

  • 2016 WEREMCZUK AUR2 bed former

    $9,160 - Niedrzwica Duża, Poland
    • Manufacturer: WEREMCZUK

    number of rows: 2

  • 2016 Weremczuk MAX PNEUMATIC - 4 sekcyjny

    $10,902 - Niedrzwica Duża, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Weremczuk

    precise seeding is the key to production of high-quality vegetables. max pneumatic was designed to meet the constantly growing needs and demands of the vegetable market. our device is a modern, fun...

  • 2016 Weremczuk Kombajn do porzeczek JOANNA SMART

    $11,849 - Niedrzwica Duża, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Weremczuk

    the technology of collecting fruit with weremczuk brand harvesters is based on a v-shape shaking system. row dividers divide each bush row into halves and guides it into shaking unit.the fruit fall...


    $25,040 - Niedrzwica Duża, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Weremczuk

    combine alina eco designed to harvest carrots, parsley, beetroot beetroot, parsnip, celery. the perfect solution for small and medium-sized farms. cooperation with the tractor min. 80 km price ...

  • 2016 WEREMCZUK MAX PNEUMATIC 2-SEKCYJNY pneumatic precision seed drill

    $8,876 - Niedrzwica Duża, Poland
    • Manufacturer: WEREMCZUK

    colour: red | seeding depth: 5 mm | number of rows: 2 | operating speed: 6 km/h | vehicle condition: excellent | required tractor power: 30 hp


    $5,230 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Weremczuk

    carrot topper with haulm crusher module is a good and economic solution for carrot, parsley and parsnip, which are intended for immediate processing. - high speed and flexible flails guarantee clea...