• 2007 Westa 550/1300

    $3,445 - Purgstall an der Erlauf, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Westa

    good condition, hydr. tower adjustment, zw drive; item number: 2516281

  • 2011 Westa 5560-1800 Snowmachine

    $8,452 - Benken, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Winter

    high-quality westa snow blower (demonstration model) milling roller 550mm room height 820mm working width 1800mm fireplace 240 ° hydr. rotatable drive by means of power take-off shaft rotating at 1...

  • 2012 Westa 5560/2000 2-trinn frontfreser

    $9,611 - Skjetten, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Westa

    new and unused front cultivator sold. this milling cutter that was improperly ordered, and it has been stored since. these are new, but "makes a little" with div stripes and flat wheels etc. this...

  • 2014 Westa 6570 Snowmachine

    $19,888 - Schuler Handels und Vertriebs AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Winter

    snowmilling was a winter as a demo in the employment working width 2.20m; milling wheel diameter 650mm hydr. tilt adjustment, turn chimney and flap hydr suitable for aebi terratrac or reform metrac...

  • 2010 Westa Type 750-1800 Wetsa snowmill

    $15,712 - Schuler Handels und Vertriebs AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Winter

    milling wheel diameter 750mm throw wheel diameter 700mm working width 1800mm fireplace comlett hydr. foldable top condition, very beautiful milling cutter

  • 2003 Westa 55 - 130 Snow blower used

    $4,276 - Bruno Oetiker GmbH, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Winter

    sell ​​here a westa snowmachine with a working width of 130 cm. the snow drifts run at 1,000 rpm. looking at the stub in the right direction. however, it is also possible to mount a reduction gear ...

  • Westa 600 / 2000 Snowmachine

    $5,469 - Ammeter AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Winter

    westa to tractor front 1000 rpm further offers can be found at

  • 2013 Westa 550 / 1500 Snow blower 150 cm to communal tractor

    $9,447 - Bruno Oetiker GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Winter

    powerful snowmill with working width of 150 cm can be connected to all communal traders. ask us, we also have different gearboxes and attachments in stock

  • 2014 Westa 1300 6m3 West Mistzetter

    $28,241 - Loretan Landtechnik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Westa

    side spreader ejection on the left very robust simple design spreads almost all types of dung and lime

  • 2014 Westa 759/2000 Snowmachine

    No price - Kohler Landmaschinen AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Winter

    very good condition clearing width 2,00 m, suitable for all tractors with front spindles 1000 u / left, hydr. curve track device, level adjustment sideways for sidewalk paths, hydr. 3-flap on hydr....