• Plate for conveyor wey

    No price - Amel, Belgium Recently Added

      sheet metal veined abd base of contact of the rolls in alu, round corners.

    • Conveyor wey 750mm + 52m

      No price - Amel, Belgium Recently Added

        outside dimensions : 800mm larg x 640 mm h. tap diemnsions  of the rolls 165 mm. diam. 890 mm,  axle diam. 20 mm. in peieces of 3 à 4 m., on solid corner iron : 125x66x8 mm.

      • 2010 WEY wemacut 3600 RSA jumboroll saw

        No price - Vilnius, Lithuania
        • Manufacturer: WEY

        jumboroll width max 3600 mm jumboroll dia max. 1500 mm with dust collector operator manual c2sbsh8cxjf

      • 2016 Wey wemacut 2500 HTM core cutter

        No price - Vilnius, Lithuania Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Wey

        core length max. 2500 mm core dia d 76 mm, d 100 mm, d 150 mm automatic cutting process gytcvzmcujt