• 1998 Whirlpool (Briand)

    $6,560 - Müntschemier, Switzerland

      briand jacuzzi bath inox vat: inkl. mwst de | subcategory 2: müntschemieri offer | farm technique | subcategory 3: storage | type of advert: i offer

    • Whirlpool model LRGR7646AN0 dryer. - M10742

      No price - Naucalpan, Mexico

        whirlpool model lrgr7646an0 dryer. -perforated tub 21" x deep x 27" diameter. -gas based.

      • Whirlpool AMB 950 /WP

        No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Whirlpool

        small paper press make hot tub type amb 950 (wp) space requirements:.610 x b. 380 x h.. 860 mm if the carrier is full, he has a size of 228 x 406 x 432 mm pressing time of 27 seconds documents avai...

      • autonegozio sandwich

        $31,506 - Aprilia, Italy Recently Added

          sandwich landscaping minonzio 79.14 license c including genset incorporated 5kw, plate crushes sandwiches, double whirlpool fryer, counter fridge back counter with refrigerated showcase and refrige...

        • 1980 Huppmann Brewhouse Brewery 120 hl #73.004

          No price - Dortmund, Germany Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Huppmann / Gruber

          2-vessel brewhouse made: huppmann year: 1980 - 1994 mash kettle wort kettle lauter tun vapor condenser hop dosing unit wort cooler whirlpool flotation tank cip plant siemens s5

        • Brewhouses / Malt handling / Wort cooling 2-Vessel-Brewhouse, make Gillain, 15 –

          No price - Geroda, Germany

            2-vessel-brewhouse, make gillain, 15 – 25 hl, in s/s, with mash-/wort vessel/whirlpool steam heated, with interior cooker, agitator in s/s, lautertun with s/s raking machine 4-parted s/s false bott...

          • Brewery Equipment Brewhouse, make Jacob Carl is

            No price - Geroda, Germany Recently Added

              brewhouse, make jacob carl is for sale: 2-vessel-brewhouse, make jacob carl, 55 hl cast wort with mash-/wort vessel 75 hl content, in copper in 1992 with inside cooker fit out with mash coil; laute...

            • Brewery Equipment Brewery equipment because of abandonment

              No price - Geroda, Germany

                brewery equipment because of abandonment of the brewery for sale, among others with: 2-vessel-brewhouse with 26-28 hl cast wort, with mash tun in copper, lautertun in stainless steel, pre-warmer, w...

              • Double bath paganini

                $16,020 - Rivignano Teor, Italy

                  i sell double whirlpool 13.60 paganini length for cereals and pallets, top edge sides from 1 meter to 0.60, complete with cover discover new gabled suitable for the load of pallets because allows "...

                • Brewhouses / Malt handling / Wort cooling Nice, classical 2-vessel-copper-brewhouse, make Huppmann,

                  No price - Geroda, Germany
                  • Manufacturer: Huppmann

                  nice, classical 2-vessel-copper-brewhouse, make huppmann, 100 hl cast wort, built 1964, in 1994 automated from kaspar schulz, standing on one level, mash kettle / wort kettle with hop addition, dir...