• Carsoe / Wolfking portionsapplied

        carsoe / wolfking portionsapplied. delå.

        Hobro, Denmark
      • Wolfking Transport belts

            wolfking transport belt, type: bånd trp, number: 23722, s/s frame, plastic belt, belt width: 465 mm, total dimensions: 6500 mm x 800 mm x 1500 mm.

            Oirschot, Netherlands
          • Wolfking Elevating screws

                wolfking s/s hopper with s/s elevating screw, type: 1000l - silo, serial number: 59814, year of construction: 1998, 400 v, 50 hz, 3.0 kw, 6.4 a, 700 kg, diameter screw: 250 mm, elevating height: 1420 mm, dimensio...

                Oirschot, Netherlands
              • Wolfking belham Multi needle injector

                    lot 99 wolfking belham multi needle injector model:b1-15s serial:8207-01303 120 needles, walking bed product advancement, width of area 500mm length 1500mm

                    No price
                    Chelmsford, United Kingdom
                  • Mixer Grinder Wolfking SFG 150/100

                    • Manufacturer: Wolfking

                      • overall dimensions 1371x609x1600 mm; • inside tub dimensions 711x508x610 mm; • grinding power 4.4 kw; • mixing power 1.0 kw; • power supply 400 v; • discharge 914 mm (to center of stud); • throat diameter...

                      Panevėžys, Lithuania
                    • Kødhakker Wolfking C160-UNI

                          wolfking c160-uni meat chopper. eyeglass ø: 160mm. 30kw 1480 rpm min tragt opening: 100x78cm. total goals: length: 170cm. width: 105cm. height: 172cm. hamm.

                          Hobro, Denmark
                        • Wolfking 750l vacumblander

                              wolfking vacuumblander. type 750ss. 380v, see the attached photos

                              Hobro, Denmark
                            • Wolfking PD200 Portable

                                  wolfking pd-200 portable. length: 125cm. width: 20cm. inlet: height: 10cm. width: 10cm.

                                  Hobro, Denmark
                                • Wolfking PD200 Portion Applied

                                      wolfking pd200 portions applied outside goals: length: 136cm. width: 45cm. height: 150cm. inside goals: length: 126cm. width: 20cm. height: 7cm.

                                      Hobro, Denmark
                                    • WOLFKING VACUUME

                                      • Manufacturer: WOLFKING

                                        wolfking vacuum mixer. - used a lot in the meat industry. - stainless steel construction. can help with shipping.

                                        Sydney, Australia