• 1986 Wurster & Dietz The line for the production of pallets

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    • Manufacturer: Wurster & Dietz

    the line for the production of pallets wurster & dietz year of construction: 1986 b3d3kv9v uawgmrk capacity: 1 200 pallets / 8h size produced pallets: 120 x 80 cm the machine certified for the pro...

  • Wurster & Dietz FR 7

    No price - Austria
    • Manufacturer: Wurster & Dietz

    wurster & dietz fr 7 used machine amerikaner wurster & dietz fr 7 powered 30 kw electric motor with flat belts with linkage control of lateral adjustment with bed head with saw blades with ...


    No price - Bavaria, Germany Recently Added

      nachschnitsaege wurster dietz fr 7 kokplet with electric motor 75kw rolengang 2 be hem and nachschnitsaege wurster dietz fr7 complete with electric motor rolengang motor 45kw chbeey og3rd l pgnu e

    • 1970 Wurster+Dietz Optimat GDZ Gatter

      No price - Slovenia
      • Manufacturer: Wurster+Dietz

      l7etpver uxi njoptimat gdz 71 hub 500 mm machine type: gatter

    • Wurster & Dietz Before compound miter saw after gate

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      • Manufacturer: Wurster & Dietz

      before compound miter saw wurster and dietz after gate "as new" with hydraulic power pack with control cabinet before compound miter saw was not in operation c98dj

    • Schwarzwald Wurster u. Dietz Saw gates

      No price - Bavaria, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Schwarzwald

      engine: 60 kw cp2lakho 70 cm forward machine type: saw gates

    • 1977 Esterer LSH 65 Gate system

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      • Manufacturer: Esterer

      gate system of completely saleh lsh 65 year of construction: 1977 description: gate plant complete with clamping cars white with track with frame esterer lsh 65 with riving knife b0k7fxby with rol...

    • 1991 Wurster&Dietz Logsorting conveyor

      No price - Alsdorf, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Wurster&Dietz

      logsorting conveyor wurster&dietz used machine sorting conveyor with 13 electric off boxers for round wood to wood length 5, 5 m. complete with drive unit and deflection. hydraulic chain tensioning...

    • 1991 Wurster&Dietz unbekannt Log sorting conveyor

      No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Wurster&Dietz

      log sorting conveyor with 13 electrical bins 2 x 13. steel construction incl. steel boxes. hydraulic tension for sorting chain. ready for dismantling cqcol gtuqjviemzk dyniw