• 2007 Zasche ZA 20 Manipulator

    No price - Amsterdam, Netherlands Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Zasche

    handlings lift for substrates, max. 15kg, dismantled and packed

  • 2012 Zasche Handling Typ 6M 40 Crane GmbH

    No price - Stepfershausen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Zasche Handling GmbH

    mint, zafar z arm, parallelogram pneumatic manipulator -z hanging arm movable -projection up to 3500 mm -capacity 40 kg - special freedom of movement -able-stable handling of loads -weight manipula...

  • 1992 Zasche GSX 2x500-4,5 Slewing Crane

    No price - Heidenheim, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Zasche

    "double jib crane" pillar jib crane zasche gsx 2x500-4,5 complete column + 2x swivel + 2x chain column with 2 swivel arm 2 pivot arms per 500 kg capacity 2 hoist (hoist) hubwerksbezeichnung rudk st...