• Candle filter modul Seitz

    No price - Burgwald, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Modul

    10 bar ref #: 0749

  • UV-Bridge Modul PRINTWORLD PUVB 1300-2 #15C011

    $9,112 - Bünde, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Modul

    uv-bridge modul printworld puvb 1300-2 uv bridge with 2spots, with separately transformer and fan cabinet, suitable for mounting at existing drying channel or at transport system; with underf...

  • 1999 Fimatech DYNA-CON Modul-Foerderband Inclined belt conveyor Z shape

    No price - Nuremberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Modul

    inclinеd belt conveyor kunstoffglieder 2500mm ribbed belt length range 360mm feeding height 250-400mm discharge height mm belt speed ca 5-6mtr / min fixed mounted with rolls fin height 25mm and 75m...