• Telt - Hall alu Utstilingshall 35 grader tak vinkel, snø renner av

        this is our new demo exhibition hall, was installed in august 2010 (b15 x l30x h8.2) 35 grades takvinkel 1.alternativ 15 meters wide 30 meters long 3 meters between each sperre ceiling angle 35 degrees, the snow ...

        Rogaland, Norway
      • 1989 FM mattson 161

        • Manufacturer: FM
        • Hours: 11400 h

        hours: 11400 h | country: norway | division: construction equipment

        Kristiansand, Norway
      • 2015 Volvo G946C

        • Manufacturer: Volvo
        • Hours: 348 h

        is like new hours: 348 h | country: norway | division: construction equipment | cabin type: enclosed cab | accessories: - additional hydraulics | attachments: gmi front cover. central lubrication. dab radio. c...

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        Rudshøgda, Norway
      • 2005 VAMMAS RG286

        • Manufacturer: Pozostałe
        • Hours: 7,350

        for this offer, no description text is available in your language. there are descriptions in the following languages: german

        Bergen, Norway
      • Robot Grader line 300Related goods

            condition: good, working robotgtrader 300 designed to sort meat products:  fillets legs and drumsticks thighs capacity for fillets up to 280 pieces per minute.                                     the fillets are ...

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            Myre, Norway
          • Double-line grader Marel M3000

                маn. year: 2004 completed with separator for 16 bins (8 on the each side) the grader is designed for high-precision weight grading. the reliable machine is able to provide intelligent batching to produce batches ...

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                Myre, Norway
              • 1999 Shrimp grader Carnitech CT1014

                    man. year: 1999 20 lanes incl. infeed conveyor capacity: 1000-1500 kg/h print out

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                    Myre, Norway
                  • Grader Style for pelagic fishRelated goods

                        condition: good, working this style sorter is designed to be highly productive and precise while handling raw material gently during grading. the grading is freeof harsh treatment, such as vibration and abrasion....

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                        Myre, Norway
                      • 2007 Marel 3000 Grader for 12 gatesRelated goodsГрейдер Marel M3000

                            man. year: 2007 condition: good, working grader for raw material (fish, chicken). equipped with baskets and high-precision dynamic weighing unit. grader is able to sort production to 7 groups. it also has a batch...

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                            Myre, Norway
                          • 2015 Marel compact CG 60 grader line for 6 bins

                                man. year: 2015 condition: excellent 6 bins capacity: 120 pcs/min product size (lxw): 400 x 250 mm weight: up to 3 kg power: 0,5 kw voltage: 230 v/ 50 hz working pressure: 5,5 bar dimensions (lxw): 2920 x 1250 mm...

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                                Myre, Norway