• 2015 Kverneland Optima TFmaxi

    • Manufacturer: Kverneland

      benefits: • corn seeding with a working width of 12 m and 16 rows • proven seed application technology combined with an updated frame • fully integrated fertilizer spreader • compatible with isobus • transpo...

      Makhachkala, Russia
    • Kverneland Optima 12 HD

      • Manufacturer: Kverneland

        pneumatic 12 rows for sunflower and corn aisle 70 cm section hd

        Makhachkala, Russia
      • Väderstad RDA 600J

        • Manufacturer: Väderstad

          bunker 6000 l country: russia | division: farm equipment | working width: 19.7 feet | drive configuration: trailed

          Makhachkala, Russia
        • 2014 Challenger CH9830-40

          • Manufacturer: Challenger

            three-section single-disk drill 48 single-disc coulters, discs with a diameter of 45 cm pair rows of 6/9 inches (15-23 cm) clogging sensors for each coulter single feed wireless wireless monitor clogging sens...

            Makhachkala, Russia
          • СЗ 5,4

            • Manufacturer: СЗ

              the seeder sz 5,4 is specially designed for carrying out an ordinary application of seed material of grain and leguminous crops, as well as crops that are similar to them by fraction and sowing standards. the de...

              Petushki, Russia
            • Кузбасс ПК-9,7

              • Manufacturer: Кузбасс

                for one pass through the field "kuzbass" performs the whole complex of spring field works: pre-sowing cultivation, harrowing, sowing, fertilization, packing, soil leveling, seed dressing. this combination allows...

                Petushki, Russia
              • Веста 8

                • Manufacturer: Веста

                  vesta 8 or ucs is used for seeding with dashed lines of non-calibrated and calibrated seeds. refers to the model for pneumatic seeders of precise seeding. suitable for planting crops: sunflower, soybean, maize,...

                  Petushki, Russia