• Præstbro

    $9,985 - Virrat, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Praestbro
    • Working Width: Over 3.6 meters

    machine alajärvi exchange and financial working width: over 3.6 meters

  • 2016 Præstbro Z-518 Combirive

    $2,829 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Praestbro

    pomorol combirive is a mounted tear with v-belt drive, which is made of a well-known and tested principle. conversion between turn-proliferation assembly occurs easily without tools. the machine ...

  • 2016 Præstbro Z-032/3 365 cm

    $3,326 - Vrå, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Praestbro

    offer guiding. retail kr. 26.900 pomorol rotary is a simple and rugged rocks that are especially suited for trimming grass and seed fields. when the cut material is very finely divided and spre...