• VORONEZH K9542 Crank Presses

    No price - Russia
    • Manufacturer: Voronezh
    • Stroke: 630 mm
    • Capacity: 1600 ton

    crank presses voronezh k9542 used machine capacity: 1600 ton slide stroke: 630 mm slide stroke to the extreme bottom position where the press develops its rated capacity: 7 mm number of continous s...

  • 1992 VORONEZH AKKB8040 Fine Presses

    No price - Chelyabinsk, Russia
    • Manufacturer: Voronezh
    • Stroke: 250 mm

    fine presses voronezh akkb8040 used machine tonnage: 1000 tons slide stroke: 250 mm frequency of slide strokes: 90/1 min distance between table and punch plate of slider in case of upper table loca...