• Silo, 2, 000 CF, C/st, 11-1/2' X 30', Cone Btm, Bin Vent

    No price - Northwest, Cameroon

      mild steel storage silo, approximately 2,000-cubic foot capacity. unit was previously storing lime. vessel measures 11-1/2" diameter x 30' straight side with cone bottom. complete with bin vent dus...

    • Oil Seed Expeller, Sunco, Mdl CX28, 150 HP, 2.5 TPH, (2)

      No price - Southwest, Cameroon

        2) sunco model number cx28 oil seed expeller, previously processing approximately 2.5 tons/hr of cotton seed and sunflower seed oils. driven by 150 hp main motor thru heavy duty gearbox. also avail...

      • Dyno Bead Mill Mill, Sand, Mdl KD 450, Zircomium Beads

        No price - Northwest, Cameroon Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Dyno

        dyno model number kd 450 bead mill, previously used in r&d facility for liquid organic fertilizer production. it was used to size particles of brewer's yeast and final product which consisted of mo...

      • Tank, 20, 000 Gallon, S/st, Agit, Coils, DT/DB

        No price - Southwest, Cameroon

          20,000 gallon stainless steel tank. unit includes internal heating coil consisting of twenty-one (21) turns of 3" pipe. includes triple impeller heavy-duty agitator. includes bottom-mounted manway ...

        • Dryer, Turbo, Rotary, (16) Trays, S/st, Wyssmont, Rebuilt

          No price - Southwest, Cameroon

            wyssmont turbo dryer, model# o-16, includes (16) stainless steel rotating trays, complete with chilled water heat exchanger to de-humidify air, steam heated exchanger to heat air, forced draft fan,...

          • Oven, Belt, 24" x 16', S/st, Stein, Convection

            No price - Southwest, Cameroon

              stein constant flow convection belt oven, all stainless steel construction. measures 24" wide x 16' long, which extends out of the oven about 3' on the approach and about 6' on the discharge end. s...

            • RJ30 Compactor, Trash, Ramjet, Mdl., OC Series

              No price - Northwest, Cameroon

                used ramjet horizontal trash compactor, believed to be model rj30, oc series. in working condition.

              • Delaval Perforate Centrifuge, Basket, 48" X 30", S/st

                No price - Northwest, Cameroon
                • Manufacturer: Delaval

                centrifuge, perforate basket, 48" diameter x 30" deep, 316 stainless steel construction, manufactured by delaval model mk-iii perfo rate. rated for 1150 rpm, gs 900, max load of 800 lbs. complete w...

              • Superior Systems model # P-8-130-10 # P-8-130-10 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 1, 625 SF, 16, 250 CFM, Superior

                No price - Northwest, Cameroon
                • Manufacturer: Superior

                dust collector, baghouse, manufactured by superior systems model # p-8-130-10. approximately 1,625 square feet cloth area, 16,250 cfm air throughput. unit has an overall height of 37'10", with a di...

              • Mixer, Rotary, 42" x 60", S/st, Tumble, Internal Paddles

                No price - Northwest, Cameroon

                  rotary tumble mixer with stainless steel contacts. mixing chamber measures 42" diameter x 60" long. includes cone shaped discharge with 18" diameter outlet. chamber includes four (4) internal paddl...