• Reck TRE-S500

    No price - Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Reck

    as well as new fertilizer blender. country: netherlands | division: farm equipment

  • 2016 Reck TURBO OMRÖRARE 7,4 METER

    $3,308 - Karlstad, Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Reck

    reck rurbo 7.4 meter agitator the mixer is galvanized and has special wooden layers to withstand the aggressive slurry. connected to the tractor three-point hitch and hydraulically adjusted up an...

  • 2013 Reck MAMMOTH JUMBO

    No price - Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Reck

    reck agitator 3.5 meters high, 8 m long, around reversal, platform with ladder, k * shaft, adjustable legs support stock exchange and layers in the tube & knutkors k-axel concessionality financ...