• Dough sheeter Seewer Rondo Kombi 613

    $4,170 - Panevėžys, Lithuania
    • Manufacturer: Seewer Rondo

    • overall dimensions 2000x1100x1300 mm; • power 1.1 kw; • power supply 380 v, 16 a; • adjustable dough is rolled thickness of 1-30 mm; • conveyor width 600 mm.

  • Seewer Rondo SK 63 Sheeters

    $5,742 - Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Seewer Rondo

    sheeters seewer rondo sk 63 used machine it is a salem rondo to sell dough sheeter sk 63. the machine is out of date, all bearings were replaced. all tapes and floorings of the machine are new. the...

  • 2011 Seewer Rondo Doge Curl & More Croissant Anlage

    No price - Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Seewer Rondo

    seewer rondo doge curl & more croissant anlage used machine an industrial rondo doge croissant line of building year 2011, only 5 years old and 4.500 working hours, capacity from 3 rows till 6 rows...

  • 2003 Seewer Rondo Doge Compass 3000

    No price - Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Seewer Rondo

    seewer rondo doge compass 3000 used machine 1 rondo doge compass 3000 dough sheeter, type sfs611, built in 2003. with austomatische plc control and display, with automatic stainless steel flour sha...

  • Seewer Rondo SKO 611 Kombi 3000 Ausrollmaschine 14400

    $10,655 - Babenhausen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Seewer Rondo

    machine is mobile for all types of dough for booking and sheeting 635 mm bandwidth 660 mm roll length tables can be folded up, space-saving rest position roll opening: 0.3 to 30 mm down with long m...

  • Seewer Rondo SKT 63 Dough Sheeter

    No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Seewer Rondo

    dough sheeter fab. seewer type rondo skt 63 machine number: a2173004 including long weaver fab. seewer type rondex machine number: 012931 note: device was last in use and was tlwse after the end...

  • Seewer Rondo Seewer Rondo Dough rolling machine

    No price
    • Manufacturer: Seewer Rondo

    seewer rondo dough rollingmachine stainless steele c9eeq

  • Seewer Rondo SKO 68 Sheeting

    No price - Hesse, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Seewer Rondo

    sheeting combined seewer rondo model: sko 68 for all kinds of dough to roll out and tourieren 3 speed automatic extending the left with long rolling down with train for embarked products connection...

  • Seewer Rondo SKO 63 Combined Machine with Rounder # 3824

    No price - Wiefelstede, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Seewer Rondo
    • Model: SKO 63

    sheeters and molding machine roll width 600 mm with round and long moulder type shr0-hopper-16a-cee plug connector 380 v, 0.75 kw

  • 1992 Seewer Rondo STC 1.A 13217

    No price - Babenhausen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Seewer Rondo

    machine is mobile, with conveyor belt gentle dough processing, band mehler 70 kg stainless steel funnel, subregion ca. 400 - 2500 gr hourly production max. 900 pieces zentralbeölung connection 400v...