• Lavetit Sisu

    $8,017 - Kuopio, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Sisu
  • Sisu Turvekärry

    No price - Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    clean 50 cubic cubicle cabinet from your own run. stern base, brakes, led lights, tel.

  • Maansiirto peräkärry Sisu

    $8,628 - Kankaanpää, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    pulling on your own hydraulics for the spark brakes wide angle bolt for the customer

  • SISU Sisu demountable trailers

    $6,679 - Pomarkku, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    sold sisu sk rear end perävaunuaihioksi - about 6 metric vl-equipment - housukippi - behind the level of purchasing equipment - combination locks front and rear - material frame builder new not abr...

  • Sisu Trailer

    $15,032 - Seinäjoki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    sale teliperäkärry drive scania's platform. robust n.10m3 lava. hydr.jarrut, tipping sealed, the rear driving clutch hydraulic. tow arranged valtra. there are also other options. give me a call and...

  • Sisu 8 meter

    $8,852 - Juuka, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    forestry equipment and machinery for lavetti motto is suitable for a large forestry machine. length 8m brakes pull the possibility of a very good grilles + tires

  • 1980 Sisu cartridge trailer 30000

    $2,511 - Laihia, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    cart 3aks base curb weight 7000 total weight 30000 jyki not register. but ok for papers