• 2013 Avant 750

    $43,959 - Nordland, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Avant
    • Model: 750
    • Hours: 516 h

    very nicely used avant is sold with very suitable gear package. - diet with collector and humidifier - crank arm - folding tray - pallet fork - 4 extra tires - narrow drawer - self-loading s...


    $34,589 - Brumunddal, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Giant
    • Hours: 1207 h

    very nice giant v452t xtra hd mini loader with drawer, palm fork and wide wheels. the machine has 3 dc and 4th function and roadbreaking kit for driving by road, and a combination of hanger attach...

  • 2006 Bobcat AL-275,KUN 1450timer

    $32,275 - Roa, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Bobcat
    • Hours: 1464 h

    hell and pretty bobcat al-275 with a few hours! only 1400 hours sold with drawer and waffle fork. here is a lot of machine left. call us a nice chat.

  • 2013 GiANT D 204 SW

    $17,237 - Oslo, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Giant
    • Hours: 1084 h

    fin giant d204 sw with new engine sold. the machine is shipped with new engine from kubota due to user error with previous customer. the machine also has new rear tires, covering about 50%. the ...

  • 2012 GiANT 452 T xtra HD(re KE

    $27,648 - Oslo, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Giant
    • Hours: 1503 h

    fine giant 452 xtra sold. (reserved chemist) the fine giant 452 t xtra hd is sold with wide tractor wheels and rollers. incredibly powerful machine is sold with a pallet fork and earthquake. the...

  • 2016 Bobcat T770

    No price - Ostfold, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Bobcat
    • Model: T770
    • Hours: 100 h

    we now sell our t770 demo machine, high-speed compact load loader with forestry cutter, an effective tool for crushing crusher. takes dimensions up to 10 cm. areas of application are agriculture,...

  • 2016 Bobcat Ny T450

    No price - Ostfold, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Bobcat
    • Hours: 2 h

    new call-through compact loader with a lot of equipment. equipment: closed cottage with a / c 2-speed selectable joysrick control (sjc) delux panel disappoint we have several models in stock...