• 300 liter tank Ø68cm.

    $1,209 - Hobro, Denmark

      300 liter stainless steel tank. Ø: 68cm. depth: 85cm.

    • 700 liter transport tank

      $569 - Hobro, Denmark

        700 liter transport tank Ø: 100cm. depth: 95cm. total height: 165cm. january

      • 1350 Liters Transport Tank

        $1,138 - Hobro, Denmark

          1350 liters transport tank. Ø: 110cm. depth: 140cm. 4½ "drain. 2 pcs. in stock. price is pr. pcs.

        • Tank 1000liter double jacketed

          $2,774 - Hobro, Denmark

            stainless steel tank 1300 liters, double jacketed, Ø130cm x height 160cm + motor, stir, manhole at the side. click on photos for more photos.

          • 230 liter tank with stirrer

            $1,209 - Hobro, Denmark

              230 liter stainless steel tank with agitator. Ø: 65cm. depth: 70cm. tri.

            • Transport tanks Powder

              $683 - Hobro, Denmark

                transport tanks for powder, about 1000l. length: 120cm. width: 120cm. height: 150cm. additions height 150cm. island in the top 39cm. departure sluice 25x35cm. departure height 11cm. 14 pcs. in stoc...

              • 20600l Stainless tank.

                $5,692 - Hobro, Denmark

                  tank in acid-proof stainless steel. Ø 250x height 535cm, hatch in the top. asi 316th click on the photo for more photos.

                • 300 liter tank with stirring

                  $1,707 - Hobro, Denmark

                    stainless steel tank with stirring. 300 liter. filling: 1 ". drain: 2 ". interior dimensions: length: 55cm. width: 55cm. depth: 105cm. external dimensions: length: 90cm. width: 65cm. height: 190cm....

                  • 1500 Liters dobbelkappet tank.

                    $1,992 - Hobro, Denmark

                      stainless steel tank of 1500 liter. interior dimensions: Ø dimensions: 102cm. depth: 182cm. external dimensions: Ø dimensions: 120cm. height: 265cm. bottom drain: 1½ ".

                    • 6500l insulated tank with stirrer.

                      $3,557 - Hobro, Denmark

                        insulated tank of 6500 liters, with stirrer. Ø dimensions: 216cm. interior height: 180cm. external height: 240cm. bottom drain: 6 ". insulation: 30mm. 2 stk in stock. price is pr. pcs.