• The tube container 4 m

    $2,449 - Finland

      tube container - counted accordingly away from the double doors, for example, for the snowmobile! container element is supplied and is easy to move and store. assembly and disassembly of the contai...

    • Construction Site Container

      $1,670 - Finland

        new construction container 2.25m + shelf mounting brackets on the shelf for two. lockable storage / light container - delivered elements. easy to size and unload. weights: 430 kg. dimensions: lxwxh...

      • Feed Trolley

        $7,594 - Jakobstad, Finland Recently Added

          forage wagon served as the reservoir. stainless isolated about 25 cubic meters. divided into four blocks.

        • The isolated oil tank

          $2,895 - Jakobstad, Finland

            the container emptied and pesty.pituus 8,40m diameter 220cm 4100kg weight of the total height of 350cm

          • boiler

            $11,736 - Jakobstad, Finland

              the last picture door is missing. additional information is available by calling.

            • Feed silo 48 cubic meters

              $7,179 - Jakobstad, Finland

                iron silo used in the manufacture of animal feed. insulation 7cm lower end of the heating coil. diameter 260cm height of 9,20m feet 160cm the upper end of the door diameter 58cm

              • Mixed fodder 7000 Liters

                $5,384 - Jakobstad, Finland

                  sekuitin the manufacture of feed. the engine and gearbox are missing. indoor figure shows the mixer. diameter 1,50m length 4m. the total length of the platform 5,60m

                • 2-piece silo

                  $3,589 - Jakobstad, Finland

                    two-piece metal silo. 5.20 m long, 3.56 m height, 3.10 m width

                  • vertical tank

                    $8,017 - Jakobstad, Finland

                      acid-resistant tank 15000 liters height 330cm diameter 240cm

                    • 2000 liter

                      $1,781 - Jakobstad, Finland

                        diameter 1.75 height 1.50 mixer been water tank