• 2005 Tellefsdal U-4300

    $7,777 - Kløfta, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

    u-plow used in fronthydralikk. country: norway | division: farm equipment

  • 2006 Tellefsdal U-4000

    $7,657 - Kløfta, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

    nice reefs, good wear resistant steel. country: norway

  • 2005 Tellefsdal U-PLOG 4600

    $8,243 - Norway
    • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

    tellefsdal with newer linkage attachment. country: norway

  • 2011 Tellefsdal K-BLAD 3,0M

    $7,777 - Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

    absolutely sprinkle kent nido municipal sheet with parallelogram with cushioning. the blade has light and shoes.

  • 2013 Tellefsdal U-4300 LS

    $15,553 - Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

    new price! tellefsdal pat wing (u-plow) 4,3m with "regular" bm-fixing double perforated steel edge assist with delivery across the country!

  • 2009 Tellefsdal VPL 2700

    $2,273 - Øystese, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

    tellefsdal v-plog vpl 2700 m/styrebox m/hmv-sms feste

  • 2009 Tellefsdal VPL-30

    $3,111 - Vinstra, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

    we sell a pretty tellefsdal vpl 3000 - 3m plow. 3m width sms / hmv attachment selector for changing the working position can be run at a sharp diagonal or "y" position requires only one dv out...

  • 2006 Tellefsdal VPL 21

    $2,752 - Kløfta, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

    little used, and very pretty tellefsdal vpl 21 sold. sold complete with side markers, and selector valve for controlling the wings with only a spool valve. the plow is now with attachment to cate...

  • Tellefsdal K70

    $8,999 - Jessheim, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

    tellefsdal k70 m / parallelogram and hydraulic wheels. very little used.

  • 2011 Tellefsdal Vikplog 3,20 V90 Diagonalventil

    $5,612 - Maskin Väst Örebro Odensbacken, Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

    tellefsdal v90 vikplog with diagonal valve 3,20m 3-point linkage with commuting good steel lighting very nice sheets with high wing pages. we arrange favorable finance and transportation.