• Waters HP Pump

    $3,000 - Oklahoma City, OK, USA
    • Manufacturer: Waters

    1- waters hplc pump. model 510. serial 123746. this is a high performance pump specifically for liquid chromatography. features automatically monitors compressibility compensation values to maint...

  • American Scientific Shaking Water Bath

    $1,500 - Oklahoma City, OK, USA
    • Manufacturer: American

    1-american scientific shaking water bath. model: yb-531. serial: 160012. equipped with a stainless steel water bath, variable speed shake, temp pre set, shake timer and a temp probe mounted in wate...

  • Laminar Flow Glove box

    $5,000 - Oklahoma City, OK, USA

      1- laminar flow glove box. twin model with four glove ports and 2 air lock chambers. features, large sloped polycarbonate viewing window, stainless steel enclosure is easy to clean and disinfect, ...