• Nikon V-16A Profile projector

    • Manufacturer: Nikon

      screen diameter: 400 mm table glass diameter: 150 mm objective magnification: 10x (nikon 50244) size wxdxh: 0,6x1,03x1,9 m turret with place for 3 pcs objectives coordinate table (nikon 36803) center fixture niko...

      $1,816 (USD)
      Gnosjö, Sweden
    • Hommel LV50 (PM2000) Roughness tester (profile tester)

      • Manufacturer: Hommel

        linear driver: hommel lv50 measuring travel: 48 mm profile tester: hommel tester pm2000 control panel: hommel tester t2000 printer: hommel printer p2000 diabase hommel dura size: 630x400x100 mm 9 pcs hommel measu...

        No price
        Gnosjö, Sweden
      • Molecular Devices SpectraMax Plus Mfg EU387205

            molecular devices spectramax plus mfg. serial no. mn 02318. spectrometer. please note unless otherwise stated in description no lots come with pc units or software. all assets offered for sale have been deconta...

            No price
            Mölndal, Sweden
          • 1998 Zeiss Measuring machine

            • Manufacturer: Zeiss
              No price
              Vetlanda, Sweden
            • OKS / Boge 1000 Ltr Vertical Air Receiver Max working pressure 11 bar C4W-SEU437258

              • Manufacturer: Boge

                oks / boge 1000 ltr vertical air receiver max working pressure 11 bar , serial no. fg80614v, (2010)

                No price
                Åhus, Sweden
              • Sip Trioptic

                • Manufacturer: SIP

                  table: 600x320mm | width: 1020mm | height: 1650mm | length: 1495mm | weight: 1400kg | crosstravel: 200mm | longd. travel: 400mm | vertical travel: 200mm | distance lens-table: 355mm

                  No price
                  Värnamo, Sweden
                • Topcon BP30

                  • Manufacturer: Topcon

                    zoom: 5, 10, 20, 50 &100x | width: 440mm | height: 1000mm | length: 610mm | screen: 305mm | weight: 80kg | work piece height: 75mm | work piece weight: 20kg

                    No price
                    Värnamo, Sweden
                  • Gaulin LAB 100 Homogenizing machines

                    • Manufacturer: Gaulin

                      homogenizing machines gaulin lab 100 used machine nice gaulin homogeniser for 100 litres/hour, 400 bars. to be sold at a troostwijk action the 27/6, price is the reserve price. listed price it the starting price....

                      $5,830 (USD)
                      Lund, Sweden
                    • 1990 Zoller H320 Tool presetting machine

                      • Manufacturer: Zoller

                        längdrörelse (x): 250 mm. tvärrörelse (y): 250 mm. finjustering x/y: 15 mm. longitudinal travel (x): 250 mm cross travel (y): 250 mm fine adjustment (x/y): 15 mm. dro reader: zoller 6051 typr: da6051c : 1851 yea...

                        $3,633 (USD)
                        Gnosjö, Sweden
                      • Nikon V-12 Profile projector

                        • Manufacturer: Nikon
                        • Model: V-12

                          screen diameter: 310 mm. table travel: 105 x 50 mm. table vertical travel: 80 mm. projection lenses: 20x, 5x 360° rotating table. attention! digital missing! (x/y scale are there but the digital reader is missing)

                          $2,422 (USD)
                          Gnosjö, Sweden

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