• Dionex ICS-3000 Dual Pump Ion Chromatography System

    $15,975 - Carnation, WA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Dionex

    dionex ics-3000 dual pump ion chromatography system the dionex ics-3000 ion chromatography system offers a full range of reagent- fre ...

  • Labconco CentriVap Mobile System ~ Vacuum Concentration with Pump

    $11,100 - Stanwood, WA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Labconco

    the labconco centrivap mobile system combines the separate vacuum concentrator and cold trap components into one space-saving console. the attached ca ...

  • Binder C 150 ~ CO2 Incubator

    $5,200 - Stanwood, WA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    the binder c 150 co2 incubator provides optimal simulation of natural cell growth, with drift free fpi infrared measurements. the incubator has a cond ...

  • Life Technologies EVOS XL ~ Digital Imaging System - Complete

    $9,500 - Stanwood, WA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Life Technologies

    the evos xl digital inverted microscope combines advanced ergonomic design, an on-board microprocessor, led illumination, fully integrated color camer ...

  • BioRad iCycler iQ ~ PCR Instrument with Software

    $5,495 - Stanwood, WA, USA
    • Manufacturer: BioRad

    the biorad icycler thermal cycler offers a balance of flexibility and powerful pcr detection for multiple applications. this system is wel ...

  • Wescor 5600 ~ Vapor Pressure Osmometer with Accessories

    $6,950 - Stanwood, WA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Wescor

    the wescor vapro 5600 osmometer brings unprecedented simplicity, convenience, and accuracy to the routine determination of osmolality. the posit ...

  • Microfluidics Model M-110L ~ Microfluidizer

    $12,695 - Stanwood, WA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Microfluidics

    the m-110l microfluidizer processor provides the highest shear rates of any available mixer or homogenizer on the market today. the energy-per-unit fl ...

  • Agilent - Polymer Laboratories PL ELS 2100 ~ Labs Evaporative Light Scatter Detector

    $8,950 - Stanwood, WA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    the polymer laboratories pl-els 2100 evaporative light scatter detector surpasses other elsds for low temperature hplc applications with semi-volatile ...

  • Sorvall RC 3B Plus ~ Refrigerated Floor Centrifuge with Rotor

    $7,495 - Stanwood, WA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Sorvall

    the sorvall rc-3b plus refrigerated centrifuge is a large capacity centrifuge that runs quietly with low-heat output. it has easy-to-use, economical o ...

  • Biotage V-10 Solvent Evaporation System ~ with Carousel

    $23,500 - Stanwood, WA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Biotage

    the biotage v-10 solvent evaporation system is a high performance concentration system. it rapidly dries samples dissolved in both aqueous and organic ...