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  • Machinio introduced me to new customers in markets I've never been able to reach. It's added a complimentary avenue of customers that other marketing avenues are not providing.
    David, Zeppelin CAT (Germany)
  • Working with Machinio.com has been great! We began listing equipment on Machinio in June 2014 and within 4 months, closed over 10 deals to clients that were new to us.
    Rodrigo, Perry Videx (USA)
  • I have to say we are very satisfied with the service that your site provides and especially with your engagement and help.
    Elvis, Merkur Commerce D.O.O (Croatia)
  • Machinio has found us many new people, about five or six of which we have closed in six months’ time, and we were able to cover their reasonable fee in the first deal!
  • These people from Machinio do a great job. The whole procedure is as easy as it can be. They send us leads with interesting inquiries. We sold their customer a machine and I'm already looking forward to finishing our next deal.
    Norbert Zeller (Germany)
  • Machinio is absolutely incredible. They provide a non stop flow of leads to my inbox every day. Super easy to use. Sales are from all over the world. It can only get better and better from here. Keep up the great work.
    Jay, IronMartOnline (USA)
  • Machinio has been our top performer in connecting us with buyers all over the world. We believe in marketing through as many channels as possible and Machinio has expanded our reach to potential buyers far beyond our expectations. Keep up the great work!
    Dave, Champion Trading (USA)
  • We just closed a deal thanks to Machinio and added many customers to our database. They are very fast in adding all of our machines and very easy to use. They are a nice team.
  • Machinio has done a great job for us. What I like most is that there is no work. With other website advertising services that we have used I have to enter all of the equipment on my own. Machinio takes care of all of that and we recently sold a machine for $150K.
    Jeff, Silverlight CNC (USA)
  • We have been receiving great leads from Machinio, resulting in 2 incremental sales from new customers this past quarter, plus adding valuable new overseas customers to our database. The deals have been smooth and it is a pleasure to work with Machinio.
    Steve, Process Plant Network (Australia)