• 2016 Ursus 16t Ball trailer

    $15,956 - Ballwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Ursus

    ball transport trailer 16t total weight, bridge mass: 6.63m x 2.5m + 90cm pull-out, steel bridge with tear plate, bale support foldable front and rear, pneumatic brake with alb, adr axle with brake...

  • 2017 Ursus Trailers, Bales

    $18,529 - Barzheim, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Ursus

    3 axle bale trolley 22t, 40km / h version, 2 conductor air brakes with alb adr axles, front axle 11t hitere axle per 10t, tires 500x50-17 18pr, platform 10.2m + 0.9m extension, ab mfk