• Vakuumat Vakuumat 3100

    • Manufacturer: Vakuumat

      vacuum pump manure tank 3100 l, hydraulic distributor connection, vacuum compressor has been renewed, tires 15.0 / 55-17, nice price!

      $5,643 (USD)
      Westendorf, Germany
    • Vakuumat 3000lt

      • Manufacturer: Vakuumat

        description vacumat manure cylinder, galvanized, 3000lt, 2. suction connection right front, wide distributor, side distributor with bow and plate, suction hose 4 m, compressor overhauled, hand brake, very good g...

        $2,712 (USD)
        Kematen in Tirol, Austria
      • Vakuumat 4000

        • Manufacturer: Vakuumat
        • Model: 4000
          $3,086 (USD)
          Münzkirchen, Austria
        • Vakuumat 4000 L

          • Manufacturer: Vakuumat

            broad distributing device suction line vacuum container lighting hydr. pusher

            $4,607 (USD)
            Hühnergeschrei, Austria
          • 1997 Vakuumat 4000 l

            • Manufacturer: Vakuumat

              broad distributing device vacuum container wwgw, ber: 400-22.5 trac 5m suction hose

              $5,067 (USD)
              Hühnergeschrei, Austria
            • Vakuumat 6500 Tandem

              • Manufacturer: Vakuumat

                broad distributing device suction line construction type: vacuum container vacuum 6500l vacuum cage galvanized with 5m suction line, universal distributor, hydr. sliding gate valve, additional intake slider front...

                $6,093 (USD)
                Villach, Austria
              • Vakuumat 3000 Liter Vakuumat

                • Manufacturer: Vakuumat

                  description vakuumat manure tank 3000 liters, 5 "connections, suction connection right front, wide distributor 5" rear, with 5.8 m suction pipe (tube + hose), >>> mediation for customers tel. 0699/11 51 06 84 tr...

                  $2,564 (USD)
                • Vacuum Vacuum 4000l Vacuum Vacuum

                  • Manufacturer: Vakuumat

                    vacuum container vacuum vacuum cup, 4000 l, hydraulic slide at the rear, all connections 6 '', linkage shaft not included in price, suction line and suction connection at the front left, hand lever brake, impact ...

                    $4,595 (USD)
                    Kelkheim, Germany
                  • Vakuumat 7000

                    • Manufacturer: Vakuumat

                      description 7000 vacuum, compressor mec8000, distributor, suction connection front left, blind flange rear left, hydr. shifter rear, lighting, no compressed air brake translate description show original

                      $5,583 (USD)
                    • Vakuumat 3100

                      • Manufacturer: Vakuumat

                        description vacuum 3100 with 3100 liters, suction hose 3m, hydraulic slide, with lighting system and articulated shaft

                        $4,254 (USD)

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