• 1952 WEBB 1/4" x 96" R3L Initial Pinch Plate Bending Roll

    No price - Farmingdale, NY, USA
    • Manufacturer: Webb
    • Model: R3L

    equipped with: power rear roll adjustment, drop end, electric foot switch, forward & reverse

  • WEBB R3L 392310

    No price - Longmont, CO, USA
    • Manufacturer: Webb

    webb, r3l, 1/4" x 72" 7.5hp, 7" roll dia equipped with (buyer to verify details): power rear roll adjustment drop end push button pendant updated electrics general specifications as per brochure

  • 6' x 3/8" WEBB 394882

    No price - Longmont, CO, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Webb

    6' x 3/8", webb, no. 6l, 6' x 1/2" cap, 8-15 fpm, air drop end, fwrd/rev all specification from oem brochure - buyers should confirm all details with the adjustable drop hinge, the top shaft is aut...