• 2013 Wishek Steel 862NT-22

    • Manufacturer: Wishek steel
    • Model: 862NT-22

      like new, 29.5" front discs, 30" rear discs, 13" spacing, rotary scrapers front & rear, large coil springs for rock protection, 385/65r22.5 truck tires, shedded, frame good, very nice shape!

      $39,500 (USD)
      Mountain Lake, MN, USA
    • 2007 Wishek Steel 862NT-16

      • Manufacturer: Wishek steel
      • Model: 862NT-16

        16ft, 26.5-27" frt blades, 28" rear blades, 13" spacing, large coil springs for rock protection, tandem tires, rotary scrapers front & rear, frame & hitch good, local unit

        $19,900 (USD)
        Mountain Lake, MN, USA
      • 2006 Wishek Steel 842NT

        • Manufacturer: Wishek steel

          2006 wishek 842nt 30" disk with 725/65r22.5 truck tires 26" front blades, 29" rear blades, spring cushion, x-tra heavy duty scrapers, heavy duty 10 bolt hubs, coil tine drag

          $44,900 (USD)
          Waupun, WI, USA
        • WISHEK STEEL 812N-18

          • Manufacturer: Wishek steel
            $20,000 (USD)
            Quincy, WA, USA
          • 2001 Wishek Steel 842NT-26

            • Manufacturer: Wishek steel

              26 foot, nearly new 26" smooth blades, gates double arm harrows, mud scrapers, clean heavy duty disc

              $39,500 (USD)
              Havre, MT, USA
            • 2016 Wishek Steel 812N-24

              • Manufacturer: Wishek steel

                rental return disk, great value for a near new disk! rear hitch, rear hydraulics

                $38,500 (USD)
                Modesto, CA, USA
              • 2009 Wishek Steel 714 NT

                • Manufacturer: Wishek steel

                  2009 wishek tandem 30' disc, cushion shank, solid front & rear blades, rear hitch & hydraulics, and 10" spacing. standard blades are 24", front blades are 21.5 and the rear blades are 22", plus price includes ext...

                  $29,500 (USD)
                  Twin Falls, ID, USA
                • 2008 Wishek Steel 842N-16

                  • Manufacturer: Wishek steel

                    extreme heavy duty disc with spring cushion gangs for shock absorbing required with large horsepower tractors. excellent condition. 27 1/4 blade rear, 26 1/4 front. you will not find a better heavy duty offset di...

                    $21,000 (USD)
                    Moses Lake, WA, USA
                  • Wishek Steel 862NT

                    • Manufacturer: Wishek steel
                    • Model: 862NT

                      24' wishek disk with 13" spacing and transport warning lights, in great shape! 4"x8"x3/8" tubular frame, 24x5/16" plain blades, 1-15/16" gang shafts, spring cushion gangs, gang bolt wrench, solid mount scrapers, ...

                      $51,900 (USD)
                      Waupun, WI, USA
                    • 2009 WISHEK STEEL 862NT-30

                      • Manufacturer: Wishek steel
                      • Model: 862NT-30

                        16', tandem disk, 29.2" blade, 13" spacing, harrow w/carbide tips, hyd fore/aft, single point depth, walking tandems on mainframe, self adjusting scrapers, spherical blades, operators manual included, local trade...

                        $21,689 (USD)
                        Pipestone, MN, USA

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