• 2006 Rudnik + Enners Vibration channel (lowest)

    $3,657 - Auswil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Rudnik + Enners

    komplette- increasing vibration chute for transporting waste wood, shavings and kappabschnitten. the channel is approximately 4 m long, and has a width of about 650mm. the trough is increasing from...

  • 1981 Wadkin unb Window slot machine

    $2,069 - Eriswil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Wadkin

    double-sided window slot machine wadkin masch no d / p 77201 weight 3600 kg year 1981 l x b x h:.. 500 x 240 x 165 cm price exw, ex site without verlad the machine is in good condition, ready for u...

  • 1992 KUPFERMUEHLE VUIN-plus 4-sided Planer

    No price - Fribourg, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kupfermuehle

    4-sided planer kupfermuehle vuin-plus complete with soundproof cabin (available from march 2017) planing width: 600 mm planing width: min. 50 mm planing height: max 200/250 mm tool shaft diameter ...

  • 1994 MUEHLBOECK QLWF-1x1.30/1x1.50/6.5 Drying chamber

    No price - Bern, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: MUEHLBOECK

    mÜhlbÖck drying chamber complete with el. control -with dat cross ventilation -with side car loading -with side lifting door with counterweight and escape door -with 5 rf measuring points -with 2 ...

  • 1997 MOEHRINGER ES75 mit Multi-BV Framesaw

    No price - Bern, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: MOEHRINGER

    complete full gate facility comprising moehringer es75 multimedia bv: (for detailed description, see attached .pdf) 3qsuwhel0 -hydraulic master and model depositors (stme) -hinged and movable cont...

  • 1991 VANICEK V611/CS Drying chamber

    No price - Bern, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: VANICEK

    drying chamber vanicek (element assembly chamber screwed) complete with el. control package dimension: 2 x 1.4 x 1.4 x 6.5 m -1 x fan d2. 6m with pvc wing front ribbed pipe register -1 x car plan...

  • 1997 Weinmann Nailing line fürBrettstapelemente

    $24,553 - Auswil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Weinmann

    complete plant for the production of laminated timber elements. the element size is from 3-14m length and 80-240mm in thickness. it can planks of 2-6m ength and 20-60mm thickness to be processed. t...

  • 2004 Kloeckner KKF500-1K-U Scraper chain conveyor

    $2,716 - Auswil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kloeckner

    straight scrapеr chain conveyor in the bottom flange promoting. conveyor length 12m width 500mm conveyor the conveyor has 1 chain, and promotes in the bottom flange drive power 7.5kw complete with ...

  • 2005 MBP Round wood block conveyor

    $8,881 - Auswil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: MBP

    round wood block conveyor in strong execution. the conveyor has two chains, and is designed for heavy timber transport. it also has a baffle wall on the one side. conveyor length 8m mitt taker widt...

  • 2006 MBP Board conveyor

    $3,448 - Auswil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: MBP

    full board conveyor for transporting boards and model. conveyor length 6.5m the conveyor chain has 4 tracks overall height approx 1.4m motor power 4kw the conveyor is in a very good, and operating ...