• 2010 Lemken Primus 35

    $24,156 - Mogoșoaia, Romania
    • Manufacturer: LEMKEN
    • Width: 24 meters

    year: 2010 surface work: small type sprayer: trailed wheel size: 320 / 90r46 ramp width: 24 meters tank capacity: 3,500 liters

  • Car nitrogen spreader Kuhn Precis 1500

    $1,792 - Borș, Romania
    • Manufacturer: Kuhn

    kuhn precis spreaders nitrogen 1500.2000 liters gear hydraulic motor, hydraulic opening-closing, very good condition

  • Mas. spreader nitrogen more pieces.

    No price - Borș, Romania

      several pieces: amazone sulky kuhn, lely, ntru stock available please contact me!

    • Car nitrogen spreader Amazone ZA-M Max

      No price - Borș, Romania
      • Manufacturer: Amazone

      car nitrogen spreader amazone za-m max 2500 liters, two plates, hydraulic adjustment very good condition.

    • Nitrogen Machine spreader Sulky

      No price - Borș, Romania
      • Manufacturer: Sulky

      nitrogen sulky car spreader, 1500 liter hydraulic adjustment good condition.

    • Car spreader Sulky DPX Magnum nitrogen

      No price - Borș, Romania
      • Manufacturer: Magnum

      car fertilizer spreaders sulky dpx magnum, an.2009,2500 liters with tarpaulin, monitor, scale, open and close automatically, electronically adjustable throw distance, very good condition, recently ...

    • Sprayer Berthoud Alba 2200

      No price - Borș, Romania
      • Manufacturer: Berthoud

      sprayer berthoud alba 2200, an.1993,2200 liter arm 21 m., opening hidraulca, very good working condition. .

    • Econ sprayer

      No price - Borș, Romania

        econ sprayer 2000 reach 18 meters, 2,000 liters, hydraulic arm, good condition.

      • Sprayer Hardi Commander Multi Track 2800

        No price - Borș, Romania
        • Manufacturer: HARDI

        masindi sprayer hardi commander 2800, 2,800 liter tank, 24m arm, monitor, very good condition, recently brought order

      • TZ2500 Hardi sprayer

        No price - Borș, Romania
        • Manufacturer: HARDI

        trailed sprayer hardi tz2500, year 1998.2500 liter arm 24 m, power closing, arm seamless, very good condition, recently aduspentru more details from no