• APV Air Seeders and Disc Spreaders

    • Manufacturer: APV

      apv seeders for all types of seeding work, they can be placed on power harrows, weeder rakes, rollers, etc, rakeman 3 meter weeder harrows in stock popular machines are ks 40 m2, 40 litres hopper, spread width fr...

      No price
      Carlow, Ireland
    • 2016 APV PS200 M1

      • Manufacturer: APV

        new, available from stock: apv ps 200 m1 spray 200l content electric blower 5.2 computer (for dosing) 7 pole cable for driving speed 8 kets / stroo plates price of the spreader € 3.250 excl. vat seeder frame o...

        $4,509 (USD)
        Zwiggelte, Netherlands
      • 2016 APV WD 100 M3

        • Manufacturer: APV

          other models available: wd 40 m2 and wd 250 m2 wd 100 m3 specifications including control module 5.4 frame with triplex coating (usual in the automotive industry) trough, screw and complete spreading unit made o...

          No price
          Saint Vith, Belgium
        • 2014 APV GP 300 M1

          • Manufacturer: APV

            apv grünlandprofi 300 m1 with a working width of 3 m and a 300 l seed container. full equipment - electr. dosing, automatic speed adjustment, leveling plate, locking tines 12mm & 8mm, toothed roller 410mm exhibit...

            $16,615 (USD)
          • Directory EB 600 R3Hxx + APV PS 220

            • Manufacturer: APV

              demountable prairie harrow equipment: harrow: working width 6.0 meters. transport width 2.40 meters + 2 external elements of 1.80 meters with hydraulic folding. 1st row: racers of 60 cm of 4 springs. 2nd row: pal...

              $16,873 (USD)
              Tramelan, Switzerland
            • APV PS 200 M1 Dünger Edition

              • Manufacturer: APV

                pneumatic sowing machine, ps 200 m1 d, fertilizer edition (also suitable for fertilizers and microgranules), as the conventional ps is also suitable for greening, grass seeds, etc. we like to take over the assemb...

                $4,146 (USD)
                Wiener Neustadt, Austria
              • 2013 APV APV GS600 Full Edition + P

                • Manufacturer: APV
                • Working Width: 6

                2 rows of teeth 10mm 2 rows of teeth 12mm 4 support wheels adjustable lever plate spring-loaded filling stairs for ps500 pneumatic sowing unit ps 500 hydr. driven operating section 5.2 speed dependent over 7pol. ...

                $12,292 (USD)
                Karlsruhe, Germany
              • APV PS 800 M1

                • Manufacturer: APV

                  from 3 to 12 m with descentes and eclators / hydraulic fan / reserve 800 liters / 3 rolls small, medium and large seeds

                  $6,334 (USD)
                  Plancy-l'Abbaye, France
                • 2015 APV APV AW 630 SG Cambridgewalze

                  • Manufacturer: APV

                    lighting cambridge-roll running gear apv cambridge roll with a weight of 4,200 kg and compressed air brakeed axle! working width: 6,3 m, tires: 400 / 60-15,5 14 pr, trailer coupling: drawbar suspension, power req...

                    $16,919 (USD)
                    Rankweil, Austria
                  • APV APV PS 120

                    • Manufacturer: APV

                      description pneumatic sowing unit ps120 complete with tubing and baffles, 120l seed container; control module 3.2, various accessories available on request, www.schauer- translate description show original

                      $3,783 (USD)

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