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  • 2015 Berti TSB/P600 14371E

    • Manufacturer: Berti

      Clearance center, wholesale priced, compare new at $42,995, used berti tsb/p600 shredder. 20ft 3pth mount rotary shredder.

      $22,004 (USD)
      Elmira, Canada
    • 2008 Berti TBMS 280

      • Manufacturer: Berti

        country: france | division: farm equipment | attachments: christophe thouvard: 06 61 55 15 94 deport hyd 1000tr / mm rotor new chaine avcommercial christophe thouvard

        $4,461 (USD)
      • 2013 Berti Berti TFB 220 M

        • Manufacturer: Berti

          Massiver berti mulcher with hammerschlegeln, hydr. seitenverschub, 220cm arbeitsbreite, sammelrechen steckbar, kufen, kettenvorhang, 540er getriebe, incl. gelenkwelle, wenig betriebsstunden und in gutem zustand. ...

          $3,294 (USD)
        • Berti EKR 285

          • Manufacturer: Berti

            country: sweden

            $3,089 (USD)
            Växjö, Sweden
          • 2013 Berti TA/PS 250

            • Manufacturer: Berti

              New rotor and new strokes. country: sweden

              $8,488 (USD)
              Uddevalla, Sweden
            • 2011 Berti TSB 300

              • Manufacturer: Berti

                Freewheel in gearbox cap adjustment running roller at rear y-blade maize shredder general overhaul and new varnish, drive 1000 rpm, freewheel in gearbox, reinforced rotor, new y-blade, hydraulic opening / closing...

                $5,775 (USD)
                Senftenbach, Austria
              • 2017 Berti Dual 250

                • Manufacturer: Berti

                  Free-running universal joint shaft freewheel in gearbox type of hammer: pruning hammers cap adjustment hydraulic side displacement rolls profimulcher berti dual 250 with hydr. side shifter, articulated shaft with...

                  $8,839 (USD)
                  Villach, Austria
                • 2016 Berti E-Trial Demomaskin m/klipper

                  • Manufacturer: Berti

                    Remote-controlled mower that does the job the new berti remote controlled mower is fitted with a sparkling new heavy-duty cutter et / m. the machine is able to knock down and frese up grass and scratches (up ...

                    $53,170 (USD)
                    Vestfold, Norway
                  • 2015 Berti TSB/P 600

                    • Manufacturer: Berti

                      Freewheel in gearbox cap adjustment running roller at rear y-blade hyd. foldable cornstalk chopper hyd. lock extremely stable design hyd. adjustable tailgate double housing against cutting large support roller wi...

                      $17,561 (USD)
                      Senftenbach, Austria
                    • 2016 Berti EKR/S 285

                      • Manufacturer: Berti
                      • Model: EKRS 285

                        Freewheel in gearbox hydraulic side displacement rolls double three-point stand, hydraulic side adjustment, front guard with chains, joint shaft, 1000u / min

                        $5,775 (USD)
                        Oberösterreich, Austria