• Com-Power AH-220 200MHz-2GHz Horn Antenna

    No price - Elgin, IL
    • Manufacturer: Com-Power

    com-power ah-220 features: frequency range: 200 mhz to 2 ghz high power handling transmit or receive capability the model ah-220 is a linearly polarized broadband double ridged horn antenna operati...

  • ANRITSU S331E 4 GHz Site Master Cable and Antenna Analyzer

    $4,500 - Hamilton Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Anritsu
    • Model: S331E

    the anritsu s331e site master cable and antenna analyzer dramatically enhances your productivity and transforms the traditional fix-after-failure maintenance model to one that identifies and fixes ...

  • JDSU JD724C CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Analyzer, 5 MHz-4 GHz

    No price - Elgin, IL
    • Manufacturer: JDSU

    jdsu jd724c features: frequency range: 5 mhz to 4 ghz resolution: 10 khz accuracy:

  • Anritsu S332E 2MHz-4GHz Cable/Antenna Spectrum Analyzer

    No price - Elgin, IL
    • Manufacturer: Anritsu
    • Model: S332E

    nist calibration pricing - $595.00 anritsu s332e features: cable and antenna analyzer: 2 mhz – 4 ghz spectrum analyzer: 9 khz – 4 ghz return loss, cable loss, vswr, distance-to-fault, smith chart, ...

  • Trimble Zephyr Model 2 GPS GNSS Rugged Antenna P/N: 65212-00

    $999 - Vancouver, WA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Trimble

    trimble zephyr model 2 rugged antenna the trimble zephyr 2 rugged antenna is intended for installations subject to high shock and vibration on the job site. ideal for drilling rigs, marine vessels,...

  • Topcon 3D-MC Dual Antenna Excavator Cab Kit, MC-R3, GX-60, G3-A1M, GLONASS & GPS

    $34,900 - Vancouver, WA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Topcon

    topcon 3d-mc machine control excavator cab kit this includes: 1 -topcon gx-60 display w/ automatics enabled (options pictured) 3dmc version software 1 - topcon mc-r3 glonass gps recei...

  • Com-Power AT-100 Antenna Tripod, Tilt Mounting Head, Adjustable Height up to 1.5 Meters

    No price - Elgin, IL
    • Manufacturer: Com-Power

    com-power at-100 features: vertical or horizontal polarization tilt mounting head primary material: wood weight: 15 lbs. max. antenna tripod base height: 0.83 meters minimum antenna height: 1 meter...

  • Anritsu S412D 25MHz-1.6GHz LMR Master Cable Antenna Spectrum Interference and iDEN Modulation Analyzer

    $8,666 - Elgin, IL
    • Manufacturer: Anritsu

    anritsu s412d features: cable and antenna analyzer spectrum analyzer power meter high accuracy power meter channel scanner transmission measurement interference analyzer gps receiver p25 signal ana...

  • Grayson Wireless Measurement Systems GMR203N 1 Antenna Port Wireless Measurement System

    No price - Elgin, IL
    • Manufacturer: Grayson Wireless Measurement Systems

    the wireless measurement system can deliver detailed system analysis and signal level positioning data. it can provide detailed maps and diagrams verifying propagation coverage (or lack thereof) in...

  • 2013 John Deere RTKSYSTM

    $550 - Redwood Falls, MN
    • Manufacturer: John Deere
    • Model: RTKSYSTM

    hours: 0 | description: rtk/900 mhz/antenna | separator hours: 0.00