• Finetech Fineplacer Micro Die Bonder

    $36,325 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Finetech

    finetech fineplacer micro die bonder fineplacer micro die bonder mfg: finetech condition: used a2v.h micro with thales z12 zoom 1x tube ap2.2 placement arm with fine theta rotation ac3led coaxial i...

  • Hybond Manual Ball Bonder 512-10-41

    $1,500 - Ventura, CA, USA

      hybond manual ball bonder (512-10-41) included mount with two fiberoptic place holders. item powers up, stage and mouse assembly function correctly. switches and indicators function. microscope hea...

    • Custom Thermal Micro Bonder (Process Equipment)

      $900 - Ventura, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Custom

      custom nl thermal micro bonder two each omega cn370 temperature controllers koyo directview 1000 dv-1000 data access unit with koyo plc direct d2-03ddc-1 pneumatic handling - control

    • Hughes 2470-V Palomar Automatic Wedge Wire Bonder

      $50,000 - Ventura, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Palomar

      hughes 2470-v palomar automatic wedge wire bonder.

    • F&K Delvotek Automatic Gold/AI Wire Bonder 6320

      $4,750 - Ventura, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: F&K Delvotek

      this f&k delvotek model 6320 automatic gold wire bonder can from an r&d company in silicon valley. we have not tested it beyond power on. the manufacturer says this bonder is about 16-20 years ol...

    • West Bond Thermocompression Wedge Manual Wire Bonder (7416A-12-26)

      $2,200 - Ventura, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: West Bond

      west bond 7416a-12-26 thermocompression wedge manual wire bonder this bonder powers on and lights up. it will switch between chan 1 & 2. tool heats up quickly. manual operation of head placement...

    • HyBond Ultrasonic Peg Bonder, X,Y Linear Stage 616-12 As Is

      $1,900 - Ventura, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: HyBond

      hybond 616-12 ultrasonic peg bonder, x,y linear stage as is ,x, y, axis linear stage ~ joystick, foot pedals, table includes above items plus brackets for illumination (fiber-optic lighting & micro...

    • Hybond Manual Ball Bonder No Scope 512-10-41

      $1,353 - Ventura, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: HyBond

      110v 60hz f1 10a f2 1.5a one plastic button (spot) on control panel is chipped, but still functional.

    • HyBond Modified Bonder, X, Y Linear Stage,Joystick 1 616-12

      $2,256 - Ventura, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: HyBond

      hybond 616-12 modified bonder, single axis stage w/ joystick includes power panel, table, joystick, linear stage with stepper motor and controller, foot pedals (2ea) on one stand, bonder head, brac...

    • Kulicke & Soffa Turbo Automatic Gold Ball Bonder P Plus Series 1488 Plus

      $2,850 - Ventura, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Kulicke & Soffa

      kulicke & soffa 1488 plus turbo automatic gold ball bonder p plus series untested sold as is series: p manufacturing date: 8-11-97 item requires freight shipping. .